ADRETAR can ensure that tailored ads are shown to potential buyers based on their browsing and buying habits such as website visits, add to cart, and purchases.
Audiences who have searched for your product or service more than N times
Audiences who have previously visited your websites
Products or services that have never been purchased after added to the wishlist
Hyper-relevant products within the same category of the purchased products
Products that have often been ordered together with the purchased products
Various core targeting options will be provided based on highly reliable data sources including install/purchase history, keywords, visited websites, app profile, and higher reactive campaigns
ROAS Optimization
The machine learning engine analyzes core users with high purchase amount and helps focus on the higher priced items within the relevant category of the purchased products
ORDER Optimization
We focus on users who have purchasing powers and recommend products that potential customers are more likely to buy
TRAFFIC Optimization
Focus on gaining clicks and website inflows to increase traffic to your websites
Three-dimensional banners will help you maximize your sales by automatically featuring the relevant products that have already seen by users
You can simply run the most effective ads with AdRetar by subscribing to product feeds and inserting an integrated tag
It is suitable for advertisers who want to serve ads to totally new audiences, or websites which don't have product feeds
We will help you connect to the audiences who are most likely to be interested in your brand with our sophisticated targeting technology
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1. Personal information 

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2. Purpose of Collection and Usage of personal information 

The collection and the usage of personal information is for the purpose of identifying the enquirer in order to respond to his/her enquiry.   


3. The term of using personal information 

Nasmedia in principle collects personal information and deletes promptly after the usage purpose is achieved. However, if the company requires a need of maintenance, personal information is kept during the given period from the relevant law.